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Bahtinov Focusing Mask

Makes Focusing Your Digital SLR and CCD Camera Quick
and Easy.

We are pleased to announce our new Bahtinov Focusing Mask which is designed for Digital
SLR and CCD Imagers.

Our Farpoint Mask comes in sizes from 2.5" to 10.5" OD for dew shields and larger sizes for Meade SCTs 8" to 12" OTA including all sizes for Celestron SCT's including the C11" OTA.

Each mask is made from ABS plastic, adjustable thumb screws, individually wrapped and
comes with complete directions.

How do you use the Mask?
You are out for a night of imaging. You set the mount onto an object to capture that certain
object but the image focus is driving you crazy. The Farpoint Bahtinov Focusing Mask
provides a quick and easy way of achieving perfect focus in four simple steps:(1) You first Locate the image of a bright star that is normally used to focus on.
(2) Center the star image through the Bahtinov mask, and then take a short exposure.
(3) The diffraction spikes will show a "shift" or have an off centered look.
(4) Adjust your primary focus, center the diffraction spikes, take another quick image to
insure you're focused, remove the Bahtinov mask and BINGO your ready to capture images
throughout the night, that's all it takes!

A Personal View by Kieron McGrath - SCS Astro Ltd
I tried one of these masks out with my Borg 125SD refractor on Friday 25th September 2009.
Prior to this I thought the focus was pretty good. Adding the mask immediately revealed that
the focus was in fact off. Tweaking the focuser to centre the diffraction spike was a 10 second operation. Afterwards, perfect focus!
Highly recommended.

ItemPriceTelephone 07496 368981
Farpoint FP402 Bahtinov Focus Mask for 5.5" to 8.5" Dew Shield£14.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Farpoint FP403 Bahtinov Focus Mask for 6.5" to 9.5" Dew Shield£15.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Farpoint FP404 Bahtinov Focus Mask for 7.5" to 10.5" Dew Shield£16.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Farpoint FP415 Bahtinov Focus Mask for Celestron 9.25" SCT£15.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Farpoint FP411 Bahtinov Focus Mask for Meade 8" SCT£14.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Farpoint FP413 Bahtinov Focus Mask for Meade 10" SCT£18.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

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