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Warren Keller IP4AP- Image Processing For Astrophotography - PixInsight

This time out, we board a new vehicle called PixInsight for which there is tremendous interest. Warren has teamed with PixInsight Expert Rogelio Bernal Andreo, an APOD imager and recipient of AIC's prestigious Pleiades Award. We're confident that IP4AP's succinct and to the point format will deliver the much needed 'context and chronology' to the existing information available on PixInsight- the what to do and when to do it.

PixInsight is the brainchild of Juan Conejero, a Spanish software developer who has led Vicent Peris and the 'PTeam' since 2004 in PI's development. If you're new to image processing, PixInsight is a very powerful and much less expensive alternative to Photoshop. New modules are being added all the time, eliminating the need for astro-specific, 3rd-party plugins as with Photoshop. Because it was specifically designed for Astrophotography, it has definite advantages over Adobe CS and we can see a time in the near future when its postprocessing abilities will surpass Photoshop in many areas.

'...Warren's warm, conversational style pairs well with the comprehensive skill set offered by the all-star team of both he and Rogelio... This series is certain to unlock processing mysteries for new and seasoned astrophotographers alike.'

Joseph DePasquale | Science Imager
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Chandra X-ray Center
Disclaimer: The Chandra X-ray Center and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics do not endorse any particular vendor's products.


'IP4AP's PixInsight tutorials are a must-see for anyone opening up the PI toolbox. I highly recommend this series. You will not only climb the PI learning curve, but enjoy it at the same time!'

Ken Crawford, President
Advanced Imaging Conference, Inc

'Despite using PixInsight for three years and achieving major milestones in my processing, I've found IP4AP's series to be wonderfully helpful. Warren's clear scripting combined with Rogelio's expertise truly illuminate the complex parameters of PI's powerful functions. These tutorials have already significantly improved my workflow, and I can't wait for each new release!'

Josh Lake- Winner 2012 Hubble's Hidden Treasures image processing contest
Pomfret School Observatory Director, Pomfret, CT

PixInsight Part-1

Part-1 of our series will get you comfortable navigating in PixInsight. You'll learn how to Reduce, Align, and Combine quality master files; and while still in the linear space: repair Gradients with ABE and DBE, achieve proper color balance with ColorCalibration, and restore sharpness with Deconvolution.

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