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Orion 3mm Long Eye Relief Telescope Eyepiece

•High-power 3mm telescope eyepiece ideal for pristine high-magnification views
•Long 20mm eye relief makes each view comfortable, with or without eyeglasses on
•Nice 55° eyepiece apparent field of view gives you a large window to the cosmos
•Provides excellent correction for sharp details all the way to the edge
•Threaded for use with 1.25" Orion eyepiece filters

Whether you wear eyeglasses or not when you view the night sky, you’ll appreciate the exquisite optical performance and build quality of our 3mm Orion Long Eye Relief telescope eyepiece. With its luxuriously long 20mm eye relief, you can keep your glasses on and still see the entire field of view in comfort. When observing without corrective lenses on, a supple pop-down rubber eyeguard helps position your eye properly to take in the whole view.

This beautiful, fully multi-coated, 1.25” eyepiece delivers rich, high-contrast images across a 55° apparent field of view. Thanks to its design, the 3mm Long Eye Relief telescope eyepiece provides excellent correction so stars stay sharp and bright all the way to the edge of the visible field. Featuring seven high-quality lens elements, the 3mm Orion Long Eye Relief telescope eyepiece is more highly corrected than popular Plössl eyepieces.

The 1.25” eyepiece’s short, 3mm focal length provides sharp, clear high-power views ideal for planetary study and detailed close-ups of lunar craters, mountains, and mare (seas). You can enhance your views through this 3mm eyepiece with any 1.25” Orion eyepiece filter since its barrel is conveniently threaded for filter use.

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