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Orion EZ Finder II Telescope Reflex Sight Orion EZ Finder II Telescope Reflex Sight

Red Dot Shows Right Where Your Scope is Pointed.

We've upgraded our EZ Finder with a new design and an improved bracket—and dropped the price at the same time! Now EZ Finder II makes it even easier to aim your telescope.

Easier Than Standard Finder Scopes For a lot of us, aiming the telescope at the right spot in the sky can be challenging. A standard finder scope yields a magnified, upside-down image compared to the naked-eye view.

Not so with EZ Finder II. It's a nonmagnifying sighting device that superimposes a tiny, LED- powered red dot, focused at infinity, on the sky. The dot, which is centered in a wide 10 degreeupright field of view, shows exactly where your telescope is pointed.

The brightness of the red dot is adjustable to suit your preference. Thumbwheels allow fine positioning of the dot horizontally and vertically for precise alignment with the main telescope.

Use It On Any Telescope EZ Finder II now comes with a bracket that fits the quick-release dovetail mounting base on many Orion telescopes. The bracket provides extra clearance for easier viewing access. For installation on other telescopes, the dovetail base can be purchased separately (#7214). Or use EZ Finder II on the included low-profile mounting rail (without the raised bracket), which attaches to any telescope with screws or with double-sided foam tape (all included). For use on Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, we offer an optional bracket (#7215) that fits the SCT factory mounting holes.

Try EZ Finder II in place of, or alongside, your telescope's standard finder scope! You'll be amazed what a difference it makes.

EZ Finder II runs on a 3-volt lithium battery (included). Weighs 2.8 oz. including bracket; 4- 3/4" long.

This finder scope fits these scopes:

Apex 90, 102, and 127 AstroView 6, 80, 100, 120, and 120ST Orion Schmidt-Cassegrains ED80, ED100 and ED120 Refractors ShortTube 80, Refractor OTAs SkyQuest Dobsonians All SkyView Pro, Atlas, and Sirius SpaceProbe 130 and 130ST StarMax 90, 102, and 127 StarSeeker 100 and 130 150mm, 180mm Maksutov-Cassegrains VersaGo 80ST, 90, 102, and 130ST

See www.scsastro.co.uk/catalogue/orion-dovetails-for-finderscopes.html for Finderscope Brackets.


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