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Orion Mounting Bracket with Tripod Adapter for iPad/Tablets

•Use an iPad or PC tablet displaying an interactive star map as a naked-eye stargazing guide with this sturdy bracket
•Save yourself from shoulder strain as you use your iPad or PC tablet as a celestial tour guide
•Handy bracket and tripod adapter combo securely couples an iPad or PC tablet to a tripod for hands-free use under the stars
•Lets you relax as you locate, identify, and learn about stars, constellations, planets, and more with your tablet and star map app
•Well-built bracket holds your tablet safely as you scan the skies with an application such as Orion's StarSeek app

Use the Orion Mounting Bracket with Tripod Adapter for iPad/Tablets to safely attach an iPad or PC tablet to a field tripod for convenient and comfortable use. With a dynamic star map application such as Orion’s StarSeek app running on a tripod-mounted tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy an interactive and educational night under the stars. It’s like having an astronomy expert right at your side to guide your observations!

Stargazing with an iPad or other tablet device running a dynamic star chart application such as Orion’s StarSeek app, is tons of fun. Until the arm and shoulder strain sets in, that is! Holding that tablet up to the sky for more than a minute or two can become, quite literally, a pain.

But we’ve got the solution. The Orion Mounting Bracket with Tripod Adapter for iPad/Tablets is a universal tablet holder that mounts securely to a tripod for hands-free viewing! Now you can relax and enjoy the view as you pan the tablet around the sky at your leisure, stopping from place to place to identify constellations, planets, and other night sky wonders displayed on your star chart app. It’s simply the coolest way for the whole family to enjoy naked-eye stargazing!

The adjustable bracket holds an Apple iPad or most any tablet computer with screen size from 7" to 10.1". You can switch easily between portrait and landscape orientations. It attaches to a tripod having a 1/4"-20 threaded post via the included tripod adapter. (Also available without the tripod adapter, for folks that already have one.)

A tripod-mounted tablet displaying a dynamic star chart app is also a wonderful companion for binocular stargazing, and even for observing with a telescope. It’s like having a detailed star atlas right at your side, only better, because the display automatically shows the portion of sky you’re targeting, to help you find, identify, and learn about the objects you see. Use the app and tablet to locate and identify objects of interest, then use binoculars or a telescope to take a closer look.

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