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Orion Narrow Universal Dovetail Plate

Orion's New Narrow Universal Dovetail Plate Gives You Far More Versatility.

•Fits narrow "Vixen-style" saddles, Orion SVP, Sirius, and Atlas mounts (note: does not fit an Atlas mount that has been converted to the wide "Losmandy-style" saddle using a using the 7950/51 collar)
•Black anodized, machined aluminum construction for added rigidity
•Multiple holes along the length. Mount it where you need it!
•Attach all manner of accessories including rings and cameras with a tripod socket
•Durable surface and professional look
•No tools needed for installation
•Measures 13 inches long, 1.7 inches wide, 1.1 lb weight

Most dovetail plates will only fit rings at predetermined spacings, because there are only a small number of holes tapped into them. With Orion's new narrow universal dovetail plate, you have more holes, more options and far more versatility.

If your optical tube has rings that may not fit the hole spacing of standard dovetail bars, Orion's narrow universal plate is the answer. It has many holes spaced along its length so any possible ring spacing that you need is available. We've also added two slots for extra versatility in the spacing combinations. Cameras and other accessories with tripod sockets can easily attach to this narrow dovetail plate, wherever you need to place them.

With our universal dovetail plate, you'll have a secure connection and perfect placement - no matter what tube you're using to explore the universe!

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