Orion Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 4 x 2" Filters

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Orion Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 4 x 2" Filters

Motorized Control Makes the Nautilus Filter
Wheel One High-Tech Cephalopod!

Operated by direct USB connection to the PC our 2" filter positions, accepts any Orion or standard 2" threaded filters. Easily add or remove filters by removing four screws to take off cover - hex key is included. T-threads on telescope side allows attachment directly to focusers with camera adapters. Removable T-thread adapter on camera side allows direct T-
thread attachment to imaging cameras. If attaching to a 2" focuser, a 2" thread-on nosepiece is also included which allows maximum field illumination to the camera. ASCOM
compatible Windows 7 and Vista 64-bit compatible. Requires an additional 22mm of focus
travel, Nautilus measures approx. 6.5" diameter and 1.5" deep.

Now, every imaging session can be as productive as possible with the Nautilus Motorized 4 x
2" Filter Wheel. Not only does it ensure automatic and trouble free filter transitions for your
monochrome imaging setup, but it saves precious imaging time. To easily transition filters for tri-color, RGB or LRGB imaging, just load up to four filters into the Nautilus 4x2" and use your imaging software to change filters automatically. Let your PC do the work while you grab the separate exposures you need through each filter. Versatile threading and adapters provide several attachment methods, including T-threads for focusers with camera adapters, a removable 2" nosepiece to allow maximum field illumination to the camera, and a removable T-thread adapter for camera attachment.

The Nautilus Motorized filter wheels are powered by the USB connection, needing no other
cable or power. ASCOM compatible, Windows XP, 7, and Vista 64bit compatible. Consuming
a mere 1" of focus travel, the Nautilus 4x2" is ideal for use with a monochrome CCD

Filters are easily changed by removing four screws with the provided hex key. Convenience
and time-saving are just the beginning. The Nautilus helps empower your CCD imaging while also setting a new low price standard.

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Orion Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 4 x 2" Filters 5526£208.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Orion Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 7 x 1.25" Filters 5527£198.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
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