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Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount

Couples Camera to Any Telescope For Through-the- Eyepiece Photos of the Moon and Planets!

Securely holds virtually any camera up to an eyepiece for afocal photography of celestial objects Compatible with all 1.25" eyepieces and most 2" eyepieces (up to 61mm in diameter) Works with virtually any point-and-shoot digital, SLR, and DSLR cameras Rubber-lined eyepiece clamp prevents marring of eyepiece Bracket rotation allows visual access of eyepiece without disrupting camera/eyepiece alignment

While observing the Moon or planets, have you ever thought to yourself: 'If only I had a way to connect my digital camera to my telescope'? Now you can! The ingenious, easy-to-use Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount provides an amazingly affordable way for anyone to begin capturing impressive images of the Moon, planets, Sun (with a proper filter), and terrestrial objects.

The SteadyPix Deluxe securely couples just about any "point-and-shoot" digital camera, SLR, or DSLR camera to a telescope eyepiece, and allows adjustment to achieve precise focus and centering for afocal photography. The rubber-lined eyepiece clamp helps prevent any marring or damge to your eyepieces. This versatile mount offers three dimensions of adjustment (horizontal, vertical, and depth) to accomodate almost any camera size or lens position. You can even rotate the camera away from the eyepiece for visual access, without having to remove the SteadyPix Deluxe mount.

The SteadyPix Deluxe has been improved to fit all 1.25" eyepieces and most 2" eyepieces (up to 61mm in diameter). It also features a sturdier all-metal design for increased rigidity and performance. So if you've got the desire to dabble in astro-imaging, the SteadyPicx Deluxe Camera Mount is a great way to get started! Weighs just 10 oz.

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