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Camera Coupling Rings.

Most telescopes cannot be coupled directly to a camera body without a simple adapter.

The T2 mount screws onto the rear of the camera adapter just like a bottle top. The thread is similar to to M42, but is a finer pitch and must NOT be confused. The advantage of this system is that a single device can fit different bodies simply by changing an inexpensive adapter. The T2 mount is in two parts. An outer ring with the camera fitting, and an inner ring with the screw thread. To adjust the relative position of the camera, e.g. to align the lens index at 12 o'clock, the edge grub screws should be loosened, and the two rings moved relative to each other.


ItemPriceTelephone 07496 368981
Orion T2 to Nikon 5205£17.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Orion T2 to Minolta Maxxum (Sony) 5220£17.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

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