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Orion Tapered 2" to T-thread Adapter

Adapter securely couples a T-ring equipped DSLR or CCD camera to a 2" telescope focuser for prime focus astrophotography
Unique tapered barrel design helps keep adapter and attached camera in-place should a focuser collar thumbscrew become slightly loose
Internal glare threads prevent pesky light reflections to ensure optimal contrast
Adds just 3.5mm of length to imaging trains, weighs 1.4 oz.
Threaded for use with 2" (48mm) Orion filters

This useful adapter allows secure attachment of T-ring equipped DSLR cameras, or T-threaded CCD cameras, to a 2" telescope focuser. Its unique tapered barrel provides an extra-secure connection to keep the adapter and attached camera from detaching from a telescope should the focuser collar thumbscrews slightly loosen during use. Glare threads on the inside of the adapter body help reduce reflections for excellent image contrast. 

This handy adapter adds only 3.5mm of length to astrophotography setups when installed, and it weighs just 1.4 ounces. Threaded for use with 2" Orion filters. 

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